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See moments with Mark and learn how to harvest or use our produce.  Click the links for the topic that interest you.

Presentation on Spring Crops & Fruit Tree Pruning
With Mark Ruben of Gilcrease Orchard

Download the presentation “Spring Crops & Fruit Tree Pruning” to learn basics of getting a Spring garden started, including what crops to plant and pruning fruit trees. 

How to Prune Fruit Tree Posters.  Click on pictures to download or zoom.

Check Out Some Yummy Recipes

Carrot Pudding

A naturally sweet healthy and wonderful desert or side dish. Home made to perfection.

Mariano's Fresh Salsa

A beautiful, hearty salsa contributed by a friend of the Orchard, Saundra Pollock. Make this salsa with our awarding winning tomatoes and succulent garlic and onions!

President’s Apple Pie

The President of the Board of Trustees has spent a whole summer perfecting this apple pie recipe. It is simple but so delicious! The Gilcrease Orchard offers a variety of apples.

Less Sugar Pomegranate Jelly

What a sweet holiday treat!

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