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Welcome to Gilcrease Orchard

Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 7am- 10am

Not a traditional farmer's market, Gilcrease Orchard is a historic Las Vegas landmark where you hand-pick the freshest seasonal produce straight from the field. Enjoy harvesting your own farm fresh fruits and vegetables, savoring the taste of locally grown goodness at its peak from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Upcoming Events

Saturday May 18th 7am-12pm – Tickets are SOLD OUT

Get ready to immerse yourself in a sea of golden petals as we invite you to join us for an enchanting event celebrating the beauty of sunflowers. Our Sunflower Days event promises a day filled with joy, exploration, and the simple pleasures of nature!

Online Pre-purchased Tickets are Required


No tickets will be sold on site – No walk-ins available

We thank you for your support!

We Are Open for SUMMER!

Open Days & Hours are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 7am – 10am

*No tickets are currently required to enter the you-pick fruit orchard, vegetable garden, farm stand, or concession stand.*

Available in you-pick Fruit Orchard

  • Apriums  $2 lb
    • Flavor Delight Apriums 55 & 57
  • Apricots  $2 lb
    • Royal Rosa Variety: rows 66 & 67 : 16 & 17
    • Mixed Royal Rosa & Katy: row 65

Available in you-pick Vegetable Garden

  • Lettuce $2 lb
  • Collard Greens $2 lb
  • Spinach $2 lb
  • Bok Choy $2 lb
  • Blue Vates, Tuscan, and Siberian Kale $2 lb
  • Carrots  $1.50 lb
  • Solo, Chioggia, and Touchstone Gold Beets $1.50 lb
  • Zucchini (pick larger than 6+ inches) $1.50 lb
  • Squash $1.50 lb
  • *Please do not pick zucchini or squash flowers*

Available in you-pick Flower Field or Sunflower Field

  • Ranunculus $1 stem or dig up the plant for $8
  • Sunflower $2 per stem
  • Flower Bucket $15 each

Available at Farm Stand 

  • Strawberry Freezer Jam $6 
  • Strawberries $5 a container (limited quantities)
  • Blackberries $4 a container
  • Apple Cider $7 half gallon
  • Green Onions $2 a bundle
  • Selection of fresh herbs $2.50 a container
  • Maskij Garlic 75 cents a bulb
Available at Concessions Stand
  • NEW! Carrot Cake Donuts (6 donuts – 1 flavor per box)
    • Plain $6 per box
    • Nutmeg Sugar $6 per box
    • Cream Cheese Frosted $8 per box
  • Bacon Burrito $9
  • Chorizo Burrito $9
  • Chicken Burrito $9
  • Veggie Burrito $9
  • Above Burrito with Red Sauce $10.50
  • Cheese Quesadilla $5
  • Egg & Cheese Quesadilla $5
  • Bacon Quesadilla $7
  • Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla $7

Available at Cashier Checkout

  • Apple Chips $4 small or $10 large
  • Kettle Corn $5
  • Peanut Butter (Sweet & Gritty and Nitty Gritty) $6
  • Cold Pressed Olive Oil $10
  • Large Cold Pressed Olive Oil $18
  • Stephenson’s Honey 1.5lb for $18

Need a map? We have an app! Download the Gilcrease Orchard app for an interactive map. Search Gilcrease Orchard in Google Play Store & Apple App Store 

Parking Tips: Drive from N Rainbow Blvd and turn onto Whispering Sands Dr. Additional parking lots are located on Whispering Sands Drive. Come early for the best parking. Please be considerate of our neighbors. Keep mailboxes and driveways clear. Please take trash with you.

Location:  7800 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV 89131

Hours: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 7am – 10am

Scheduling: To schedule a photoshoot, please visit the Photoshoot Bookings page

To schedule an educational field trip, please visit the Field Trip Bookings page

Payments Accepted    
Cash, Major Credit Cards, Google & Apple Pay, Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Coupons, WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Coupons, and Gilcrease Orchard Gift Cards

For food safety purposes, pets are not allowed at the orchard. We allow ADA approved service animals that have been trained to perform specific tasks for their owners. The ADA does not recognize emotional support animals in this category.

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