Our Famous Cider

We are proud of everything we produce at The Gilcrease Orchard, but our cider is our signature item! The naturally sweet, robust flavor comes from the variety of apples we grow ourselves.

Every year about 80 tons of apples are harvested for our apple cider. We use our gala, yellow gala and an early red variety. If you like Gala apples, that is how it tastes. Absolutely NOTHING else is added. Other producers may include sugar, corn syrup or a preservative like potassium sorbate, which can effect the taste. But not our cider! When we say nothing is added, we mean nothing, so you get only the full flavor of our delicious apples.

Almost minutes after our apples are pressed and the cider is bottled, they are sent to our on-site freezer to protect the freshness and extend the shelf life since we don’t use any preservatives. This is why when you come to the Orchard to buy cider it is often still frozen. Once the cider thaws, it remains good up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Cider Facts

  • Our facility is inspected and approved by the health department.
  • The cider is heat pasteurized for your protection. 
  • We do not spray the fruit with pesticides.
  • We do not wax our apples.
  • Our cider is not fermented (hard cider).
  • We produce cider, not juice. The difference being cider is unfiltered and contains solids from the fruit, hence its cloudy nature.