Field Trip Information and Reservations


TO REGISTER FOR A FIELD TRIP, PLEASE GO TO OUR ONLINE SCHEDULING CALENDAR. Once there, please select either a 9:00 field trip (if your school uses private transportation to get to the Orchard) or a 10:00 field trip (if your school uses CCSD busses). On the calendar, the number in brackets [ ] represents how many individual spots are available for that field trip. You need as many "spots" as the combined number of students, teachers, and parents that are in your group. Questions? Call or text our Assistant Director, Lydia, at 702-419-4253.

Note: If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation letter shortly after registering, something went wrong and you must register again!


What happens on a Gilcrease field trip?

Your field trip will consist of three rotations:
1) an educational presentation;
2) a wagon ride; and
3) picking in-season fruits or vegetables to take home plus viewing our chickens and visual beehive.

In the Fall, the participants generally pick pumpkins. In the Spring, participants generally pick carrots. This is subject to change, however, based on the availability of our products on the date of your field trip.
How long does the average field trip last?
About an hour and a half. If your group chooses to eat a sack lunch at the end of your tour, plan for an extra half hour. 

What groups are best suited for a Gilcrease field trip?
Elementary school groups. Pre-school aged children simply do not have the attention span to benefit from our educational presentation.
How big or small does my group need to be?
We have a minimum group size of 50 and a maximum group size of 150.
What if my group doesn’t fit the basic guidelines?
If you have a school age group that is smaller than the minimum size, please call our scheduling coordinator directly at 702-419-4253. It may be possible to join with another smaller group.

If you have a special needs group (i.e., a Special Education class), please call our scheduling coordinator directly at 702-419-4253 and we will make every effort to accommodate your group and modify the tour as necessary. 
How much does a field trip cost?
All students and parents/chaperones pay $6 for the basic tour (which includes apple cider) or $5 for the alternative tour (which does not include apple cider). Teachers are always free!
When are field trips available?
Go to our online scheduling calendar to view the available dates and times.   

How do I schedule a field trip, and what information do I need to have?
Please go to our online scheduling calendar to book a field trip.

Make sure bussing is available on your desired date.

Know the approximate size of your entire group (students plus chaperones/adults).

You will need a credit or debit card to securely hold your field trip. This card will only be charged if your group doesn’t show for its scheduled field trip or if you don’t cancel a scheduled field trip within 48 business hours of your field trip. The charge for a “no show” or a cancellation of less than 48 business hours is $200.  Card information is deleted from our secure booking system after successful payment for your field trip.
What are the recommended items to bring for the field trip?
A water bottle, closed toed shoes, hats, and sunscreen.

What is the recommended chaperone ratio?
1 adult :10 children

What payment options are accepted for field trips?
We accept cash, check, credit, or debit on the day of the field trip or in advance.

What sort of bathroom facilities are available?
We have porta potties.

What kind of parking is available?
Parking is free on the street and in the lot across the street from the orchard. There is bus parking as well.

Can we pick produce before or after a field trip?
Only on days that we are open to the public.

Are there picnic tables available at The Gilcrease Orchard?
Yes, we have dozens of picnic tables under a shade shelter.

Can I come to The Gilcrease Orchard for an unguided tour?
Absolutely! If your group is smaller than 50, we encourage unguided tours on the days that we are open for business. Entrance to the orchard is free, wagon rides are free (although the wagons may or may not be running on the day you come), and you are welcome to use our picnic tables. You may pick our produce and pay by the pound.